Over 20 years ago my family had an evening ritual of having tea together just before bed.  My children Meg and Kevin would love to have chamomile tea while talking about their day.  
My mother and mother- in- law would join us often and share stories from their childhood and talk about how back in the day their mothers used herbs to clan and make healing salves  

Introducing a great new way serve tea to go without sacrificing: quality, space, health benefits and profits!

Stay on the Loose!  Quality, great tasting tea is a concept easy to understand. But what is loose tea? Why not the tea bags which have become a common way to serve tea?


Loose leaf teas are just that!  Leaves that are free floating in your water instantly infusing antioxidants, nutrients and natural flavors.  Blending the different qualities these leaves offer allows an endless health benefit that can be tailored to individual needs.  The aroma and taste from a well mixed blend will awaken the senses, giving a complete mind, body, soul experience. 

Don't Get Bagged!  It is unknown to many that teabags commonly contain less superior leaves, in some cases tea dust. This teabag is made of chlorine or other harmful materials, leaving you a tea without the quality and purity offered in loose teas. The end result is a lesser quality tea in taste and health. Even when a high quality leaf is placed in a teabag, the contaminates in the teabag material itself take away from the experience in taste, color and health benefits.

Now, with our new innovative,Tea Infuser To Go Lids, we can offer your customers a tea experience on the go.


Along with a quick and easy way to serve amazing loose tea on the go, H.M.S. Teas proudly offers our own blends of Fair Trade Organic teas.  Custom made with care for over 20 years, we bring flavor and health to the cup.


Thinking of a blend specific to your needs or organization? We are happy to make custom blends that become one of a kind to you!

See what being TeaRiffic can do for your business!

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~the Herbs Make Scents TEAm

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